Improving email since 2011.

Our R&D team has been working on improving on the ageing email technology, while keeping a backward compatibility. All our technologies allow writing software that takes email, a technology from the 70's, to this modern age of digital communication.

SMTP file detacher

This SMTP server detaches any attached file, hosts it in the cloud and replaces its presence in the original email with a http link.

It allows any email software to send any number of attachments of any size.

No installation is required

Cloud email platform

Our protocol bridge platform hides the archaic IMAP/SMTP protocol behind a nice REST API.

It works by synchronizing any IMAP email account to a modern database. It has been conceived for performance, allowing to write ultra reactive email apps and add advanced features to classic emails.

Optimized custom email access protocol

We wrote a custom performance oriented, udp based protocol to access our cloud email platform. Emails are streamed to the client as fast as possible, enabling a very reactive UI even on mobile devices through a slow, high-latency connection (like Edge). 

Effortless secure email

Using SMTP/POP adapters, this solution makes secure, privacy protecting emails accessible through any email software our through webmail. Optional out-of-band verification through a code sent to the recipient mobile phone.

The whole email, metadata and attachments included, is stored encrypted in a secure database hosted by a trusted third party and is transported always encrypted to its recipients.

Distributed email storage using Blockchain

Currently in development. Improve on the existing secure email solution, allowing secure email storage and transport without needing a trusted third party.

A private blockchain is used to make the trusted third party redundant, while still guaranteeing data preservation and availability.

Distributed reliable storage for enterprise data

Currently in development. Extends the scope of the distributed email storage. Allows building a reliable, high availability, high redundancy and high performance distributed storage in the cloud for enterprise productivity data with no trusted third party.

Emails, calendars, contacts, files are securely stored in a massively distributed way.

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