Our history

Revapost is a R&D company incorporated in Switzerland, with R&D operations in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Founded in 2011 by Bruno Enten, a veteran of the IT&T industry, who witnessed the rise of computer telecommunication even before the Internet went mainsteam, the company focuses on one precisely defined mission: improve the email through technological advancement.

November 2011: incorporation with funds from the founder.

March 2012: release of our first product to demonstrate our custom SMTP server with attachments extraction and forward.

June 2012: first seed round to finance the development of the cloud platform.

May 2013: app released on the Apple appstore to demonstrate our cloud email platform.

Oct 2013: second seed round to finance the second version of the cloud platform.

July 2014: released the cloud email platform v2.0, rewritten from scratch to make it scale, with security by design.

August 2015: third seed round to finance the development of the Revapost Secure Email solution.

February 2016: release of the Revapost Secure Email solution POC.

February 2017: opening of a new R&D department in Tel Aviv, to work on the next solution using Blockchain

Our Vision

As veteran of this industry, we know that, without a doubt, email is an archaic technology. Based on obsolete protocols, inherently limited, it should have been replaced a long time ago by a modern solution. Although, none of the products that tried to topple email succeeded, even when pushed by big players (anybody remembers Google Wave?).


It seems that nothing can beat the universality of email. And in a world where a lot of companies are still using fax machines, a technology from 1924, it is safe to assume that email will be part of our life for many more years. Most research on the subject tend to confirm the growing trend of email usage.

In this context, we think that efforts should be made to bring much needed features to the good old email. All the features offered by modern messaging service, like privacy, authentication, delivery receipt, file transfer, etc..., should be back-ported to email, while keeping the compatibility with existing software.


We were inspired by the way Apple modernized the SMS with iMessage. Totally transparent for the end user, new features degrade elegantly when one of the participant in the exchange uses an incompatible device.


Our UX decisions follow this philosophy, but with openness to all devices, whatever the brand.

Bruno Enten - Founder
Email. A technology from the 70's.

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