100% Secure Email, 0% pain

Protect your customers privacy, without making your life difficult.

It takes only 2 minutes to integrate our solution with your current email software

Get the peace of mind of knowing that emails sent to your customers will be safe.

benefits of product

No effort required

Keep using your email software as before, it's totally transparent.

benefits of product

Easy for your customers

Your recipients can access your emails with a code obtained by SMS

benefits of product

No limit on attachments

Send large files as attachments, directly from your email software


Get started in mere minutes

After a 2 minutes setup of your email software, you're ready to send your first secure email !

  • No downloads required
  • Nothing to install
  • Easy setup that anyone can do

We keep your emails safe

Revapost protects your confidential emails and delivers them through an encrypted channel to your recipients

  • Effortless for you : continue using your email software as before
  • Your customers don't have to be Revapost users
  • Emails can be opened with a code received by SMS

The right balance between security and usability

We use well tested, widely used cryptographic technologies to make your emails safe, without the pain of cumbersome key management.

  • Your emails are safe from eavesdropping
  • View all your emails, classic and secure, in the same place : your email software
  • Available for a cheap, flat rate monthly subscription

Our offer

Try our service free for 30 days

Revapost Switzerland

CHF49/ mo
  • Unlimited secure emails
  • Large attachments
  • Single email account
  • Emails securely stored in Switzerland

Revapost France

EUR19/ mo
  • Unlimited secure emails
  • Large attachments
  • Single email account
  • Emails securely stored in France

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Contact us for our enterprise offers, starting at CHF 100 / month

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