Innovative technology for a better email

Helping email solution developers bridge the feature gap between what email offers and what current messaging software users need.


We built our technologies with efficiency in mind to improve the reactivity when accessing emails from clients. Getting headers, full email bodies, downloading attachments and full-text search become blazing fast.


Everything is stored in an encrypted database. Nothing is ever transported in plain text. While keeping email easy to use, our technology protects email communication from eavesdropping.

Advanced features

All the confort of a modern messaging service now available with email: actual delivery receipt, file transfer with no size limit, undo sending, video and pictures attachments, ...


Wide compatibility

Standardized API

Federates all legacy email accounts...

... and access all emails through a modern, lightning fast API.

With our email cloud platform, all emails are synchronized from IMAP servers, stored encrypted to a secure database, and made available to modern email clients through a http/2 REST api or using our custom streaming protocol.

Freeing the email

Bringing it into the 21st

Making it secure

Continuous innovation

We started by tackling a single issue: the limit on email attachments size. Solutions existed, using a third party webapp, but we wanted something that would be totally transparent to the end user and as easy to setup as it could be. Our solution was to write a custom SMTP server that would detach the file before forwarding the original email, sans attachments but with a link to them, to its recipient

Encouraged by this success, we decided to do something about the others email limitations. We built a cloud platform that synchronizes data from IMAP account an make them available instantly through a custom streaming protocol to mobile devices. Using this platform as a base, we added several features that are a must for modern messaging: instant full-text search, delivery receipt, quick file upload and download, privacy, authentication, ... Then, we optimized it so that it would scale up to 10'000s users on a single VM.

After the Snowden's revelation, we saw a strong demand for security enhanced email solutions, notably when it comes to privacy. We identified to common issue with all existing solution: they all offered such disappointing UX that few people wanted to face the inconvenience of use them.

Keeping with our "nothing to install" policy, we created a solution that makes communication through secure emails easy for all involved parties, the sender as well as the recipient.


Tomorrow's web will be distributed, like it was at the beginning.

To keep the confort that centralization brought while getting rid of our reliance on trusted third party, we will need new ideas.

Revapost is building the futur of enterprise data storage using distributed technologies and a private blockchain to manage it all.

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